Where to find it

Where to find it

  • Harbor Products Inc

    1802 N. Carson St
    Carson City, NV 89701
    702 953-0968
  • Georgia Department of Natural Resources/Go Fish Education Center

    1255 Perry Parkway
    Perry, GA 31069
  • Kevin Nishimoto Distributing

    3120 Woodlawn Dr
    Honolulu, HI 96822
    808 225-3807
  • The Charleston Angler

    654 St. Andrews Blvd
    Charleston, SC 29407
    843 225-5248

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Our relationship with retailers

OdorOff Handsoap is a new patented formula that is exclusive Pacific Blue Products. Our list of distributors is in the process of being built as we form relationships and seek out the best and most reputable retailers in the business. Below is a list of distributors that we know our customers can count on for convenient availability and service.